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Skipper: Dubravko Jelic

Email: adrisnautic@gmail.com
Tel: 00385 95 905 9195




Note: You pay 500 Euro for the reservation and the remaining balance at your arrival to the boat.


The final price can be increased for additional cruising costs. Please see what is included and what is not included in the cruise line - FAQ

The price includes:

WI-FI / Flat rate 4/3G
Laptop / Tablet
SNORKELLING mask and flippers
SUP board
Waterproof camera
Fishing rod
Hand & head lamps
Dingy with outboard engine
LCD TV + Sound system + Bluetooth
Kitchen + Dishes + Gas
Hygiene supplies
FUEL / 3 hour per day


The price does not include:

(approx. from 45 to 130 EUR per day)
(approx. from 15 to 45 EUR per day)
Food and drinks
Tickets to national parks

Check-in: 10:00 AM

START POINT: ACY Marina Split.

ADRESS: Uvala Baluni 8., Split.

Check-out: 18:00 PM

END POINT: Zapadna obala (WEST COAST), Split.

ADDRESS: Obala kneza Branimira bb.

FOR DUBROVNIK: ACY Marina Dubrovnik.

ADDRESS: Ul. na Skali 2., Komolac, Dubrovnik.


1. What do we offer?
- we offer attractive private multi-day cruises in the Adriatic on an exclusive sailing boat with a skipper
- the rental includes the entire vessel with all the relevant recreational equipment

2. What type of cruises do we offer?
- we offer private cruises, embarkation and disembarkation at the same location
- we also offer one-way/transfer cruises, embarkation and disembarkation at different locations

3. How much does a cruise cost?
- the cruise price is shown below each selected route on our website
- the price depends on the selected route, number of days/nights, number of persons
- the cruise price can be increased due to extra costs

4. What is included in the cruise price?
- rent of the whole sailboat/3 cabins with an accompanying toilet with shower and a common salon
- skipper with separate cabin
- air-conditioned sailing boat
- Wi-Fi/flat rate 3/4G
- laptop/tablet
- diving masks with snorkels
- SUP board
- underwater camera
- fishing equipment
- handheld and head lamps
- auxiliary dinghy with outboard engine with fuel
- LCD TV + sound system + Bluetooth
- kitchen + dishes + gas
- towels
- hygiene supplies
- linen
- final cleaning
- fuel 3 hours a day
- guest accident insurance
- sojourn and other taxes

5. What isn’t included in the cruise price / extra costs?
- mooring fees in marinas (approx. 45 EUR - 130 EUR per day/night)
- buoy anchorages (approx. 15 EUR – 45 EUR)
- food and drinks
- tickets to national and nature parks

6. What is the amount of reservation?
- the amount of reservation is 500 € of the total cruise price without the extra costs

7. When do I pay the reservation and what is the final cruise price?
- the reservation is paid by card payment on our website (100% reliable) in the amount of 30% of the total cruise price
- the final cruise price is paid when disembarking the vessel on the last day of the cruise in cash, together with all extra costs (if any)
- the skipper is obliged to inform the guests of all possible extra costs

8. What is the reservation procedure?
1. Select the desired type of cruise.
2. Select the starting date of the cruise (the calendar will automatically mark the time of cruise and indicate the exact location and the time of embarkation and disembarkation, 100% safe!).
3. Select the number of persons on the cruise.
4. Depending on the selected parameters, the cruise price and the amount of reservation will be shown.
5. Enter personal data and card data.
6. Make the payment of reservation.
7. You will receive a Voucher coupon to your email address with all the information on embarkation and an indicated cruise price without the extra costs.

9. What if the dates I selected are already taken?
- the calendar will automatically propose the cruise with the nearest free date

10. When is my cruise reserved?
- you have reserved your cruise after the payment of the reservation
- a written confirmation of your reservation will be sent to your email address in the form of a voucher within a few moments - 100% safe purchase!

11. For how many persons is the cruise intended?
- the cruise is intended for minimum 1 person and a maximum of up to 6 people, including children
- pets as per agreement

12. What if I reserve a cruise, and it gets cancelled by the agency?
- in that case, we will refund you the full amount of reservation

13. What if the guest cancels the reserved cruise?
- in the case of cancellation 90 days before the start of the cruise, the agency refunds the entire reservation amount, while in the case of cancellation under 90 days before the start of the cruise, the agency retains the entire reservation amount

14. What is the location and time of embarkation and disembarkation?
- We start the cruise at the Split main port.
- Time of embarkation 10:00 hours – ACI Marina Split, address: Uvala Baluni 8.
- Disembarkation by 18:00 hours, location as per agreement or as indicated on the selected cruise route

15. What if the guest is late for the agreed embarkation?
- the guest is obliged to inform the skipper of a possible delay as well as the duration of the delay and the skipper will inform the guest whether his delay will cause any possible extra costs
- the skipper is obliged to wait for the guest(s) until his/her/their arrival

16. How much and what kind of luggage to take on the cruise?
- bring light summer clothes
- light jacket, sneakers
- swimsuit, hat, sunglasses
- tanning lotion
- due to the limited space on the sailing boat, we recommend smaller suitcases

17. What about the food and drinks?
- before departure, ask the skipper about the type and quantity of food you need for the cruise
- the guests usually buy food and drinks for breakfast and snacks themselves, the main meal is usually a dinner in the town visited, in a local restaurant, or the guests cook in the boat kitchen

18. What if the weather is not suitable for sailing?
- in such a case, in agreement with the skipper, an alternative route and a pleasant sightseeing tour or a comfortable stay on the sailing boat will be organized

19. What if the guest wants to change the itinerary?
- in agreement with the skipper, all changes of the itinerary are possible

20. What can I expect from the cruise?
- cruising in the Adriatic is very pleasant, without big waves, distances between the islands are about 10 miles, the weather is mostly sunny and warm, the sea temperature ranges from 20 to 28 oC, and it is particularly pleasant from May to October
- the Mediterranean climate favours the diversity of the plant and animal world, so it is not uncommon to sail with dolphins, large fish such as tuna, sea turtles, diverse marine birds and many endemic species living on islands and in the sea
- cruising from an island to an island, you will visit and experience the indigenous life and culture of old Mediterranean towns and small fishermen's villages, swim in the crystal-clear sea, discover the hidden coves and visit some of the most beautiful natural phenomena
- don’t forget to taste the cuisine of small Dalmatian towns and places because that will surely make your cruise unforgettable.

Welcome to your cruise!

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